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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post-Pride Gleaming

When the rain abated, we headed back to the car, dreams of a late lunch dancing in our heads.  As is often the case when I lead the pack, we took a less than direct route to the car.  I rarely see this as a real problem, and more often, I see it as La Mano de Dios en Mi Vida, but that's an essay from another time that we won't bring up here.  Suffice it to say that we had a rousing discussion regarding used mattresses.

After the first mattress, I saw this by the sidewalk.

The gleaming in the peeking sun that followed the tropical downpour rendered a dazzle I usually do not associate with mushrooms, and in this instance, I attributed the gleam to the combined glory of 15,000 like-minded people some three blocks away.

Nonetheless, I thought maybe the better camera would take the better picture, and here is what I received for the hardware swap.

So much for that extra effort. These peonies wannabes were not to be captured this day, at least not in a form outside my mind's eye, and there, just there, we behold a scene of stellar luminescence.

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