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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yes, we grow them big down here, especially in the cooler season after the first hurricane.  Behold these sprouting by the bus stop over by the A.M.E. church with a grave and obelisk all to its own.

To the one side

And to the other

Not to be outdone

And don't forget over to the other side where the gravity surge occurred.

And if you're wondering just what makes big, here's my #13 for comparison.  Think one foot's worth of mushroom.  Non-edible, of course.

And then the loner, much like me.  Alone.  Alone in the pack.  Unloved.  Unlovable.  Better off that way.  Not sharing the ice cream.  Or the aged dog turd.  Generally and demonstrably forgettable.

But not to worry, there'll be more.  Lots more.

Unless the bus traffic picks up.

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