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Friday, August 5, 2011

Surprise on a walk

It's been a long two days, and although I would benefit from some stair work or even stepping over to the gym, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Very weak, and I settled for a walk up to the Shell to fetch a Diet Coke.

Along the way, I was thinking that it'd been a while since a mushroom had popped up, and given the recent heat, I expected it'd be a while longer before another risked poking it's head out.

I was wrong.  Again.  I'm getting used to it.  There's something odd about the environment up by the dollar flick because I keep finding mushroom in the mulch there, even at the harshest of times.

Today, there was a veritable family of the beasts raising their heads.  Here's the one that first attracted my attention.

Just a few feet away, a few more were making their way into this world.

This is, apparently, a mixed neighborhood.  Some little white round mushrooms were popping up right there among the family of brown flat ones.  One or the other is apt to be labeled the Great Usurper.

And of course, one had sprouted a few days earlier, and the 100-degree weather did it's duty, leaving what looks to an ET head under the bush.

So my question is: What is it about the mulch at the dollar flick that promotes mushroom growth?  I doubt we ever know, and it's surely not the popcorn grease.  Not even the mice are eating the discarded popcorn.

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