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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not quite a yellow bell

But it is a brave soul.

Yes, I went out in to 110 degree heat index.  On a bike.  (It was that, or just head on over to jail for what I was thinking.)  As I was turning around to come home, I saw this down in the grass by a curb.

Here's another angle on this precursor to Friday's full moon.

No, I do not know who left the cigarette.  I didn't even see it until just now when the upload finished.

I suppose a frog or something peed in that little patch of grass.  There has certainly been insufficient rain to bring about a sprout.  Maybe the yellow ones are just stronger.  I doubt it, but it could be.  Perhaps that yellow glow offsets the withering summer sun in which I stood to take this picture.  If so, I didn't feel any of the redirected heat.  Of course and as many will tell you, I'm not all that sensitive, especially when there's a mood going.

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