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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A disturbance in the pine straw

Within 20 feet one one another, we have the two, both at the edge of pine straw mulch in an areaq where no pine trees exist, except for the few that've sprouted from the seeds that rode in with the straw.

The one.  It might as well be a lost yeast roll from a local restaurant, except there is no such place.  The best we can do in this area is the dollar movie with it's expensive, and very yummy, popcorn.

And no, I didn't notice the lack of focus until just now, but that's me through and through, a lack of focus.  Hundreds will concur.  They'll also shake their heads in sad dismay.  Such the waste, they'll think and, maybe, say.

The other.

Sneaking up from the edge of the pine straw.  It's very shy.  It's also toast by now.  We have an afternoon temperature of 100F.  Not many mushrooms are going to hold on with that much sunshine smiling on them.

So what do you suppose possessed these two to sprout in the edge of the same mulch, if 20 feet separated?

Were the spores lurking in the soil, just waiting for the opportune moment?  Did they come in on the bales of pine straw?

I like to think they both settled down through the air, perhaps dropped from the wing of something above and unseen, drifting downward for however long it took, until finally coming to settle in the edge of the straw, just where the straw is thin enough for the spore to reach the soil, but still thick enough to shade the soil until the spore can sprout.

And that happened twice.  Yep.  More likely, they fell from the curly tail of a flying pig.  I'll go with that.  And space aliens.

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