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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cheap flick mushmoon

Right there by the sidewalk, far from the kicking feet, directly between the orange stripes for the coming buried cable.  No, that is not cracked pepper on the top.

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Tasty mushmoon

It just didn't pay, sometimes, to have good taste. How is a toad supposed to sit on a broken stool?

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Colorful mushmoon

A brighter color, probably painted by a teen fairy to celebrate a birthday. The grass and cow itch are none to happy with dusting duty.

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Shy mushmoon

The desert at Jordan Lake is an old trash dump covered in dirt where life struggles to reclaim its space. Here, at the edge, a shy one grows. It's off the beaten trail and lightly protected from the afternoon sun. It will probably live and die as expected. Unless a fat toad sits on it.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lumpy mushmoon

A lumpy mushmoon in front of the dollar movie. Will it survive the evening of cheap flick seekers? In its lumpy state, will it get to procreate, or will it wither and die, never to spread its different DNA across the earth. Little geek that it is.

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Four mushmoons in a row

And you can even see them in the picture.  Imagine that.  And with a phone cam at that. This won't last long, surely.

Mushmoons and a bus stop

Mushmoons hanging on by a sidewalk.  This won't last long.  There's a bus stop just steps away.

Mushmoons in clover

A mushmoon in the clover.  Do you suppose the tea will be affected?

World-weary mushmoon

And soon, a lawn mower will finish the job.  If not a foot.